The Curragh Racecourse

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The Curragh Racecourse

The Curragh Racecourse is on Ireland’s Ancient East

Your heart is galloping faster than the thundering hooves, louder than the roar of the crowd as the horses plunge up the home straight. You’re in the moment, outside of time, swept up in a thrill of colour and noise. The Irish passion for horse racing is legendary and experiencing it at The Curragh Racecourse is unforgettable.

The vast open grassy plain of The Curragh in County Kildare is at the very centre of Ireland’s thoroughbred horse industry and the racecourse, in addition to regular race days, hosts all five Irish flat-racing Classics: including the oldest, the Irish Derby, originating in 1866.

Today’s three-day iconic derby festival in June is one of the country’s biggest social and sporting occasions, a whirl of music, dancing, fashion and racing that attracts some of the world’s top horses and jockeys. It’s glamorous (with prizes for best-dressed ladies on Ladies Day), and warm and friendly, the Irish way.

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