Punchestown Festival Fashion Favourites

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Punchestown Festival Fashion Favourites

With The Punchestown Festival back this year, the one question on everyone’s mind is: what will I wear?

From large hats, high heels and bright spring dresses, the horses won’t be the only thing people will be looking out for.

On Friday the 29th of April, The Punchestown Festivals Annual Ladies Day takes place. With women dressed from head to toe in stunning shoes, hats and dresses, we are eager to predict what the winning lady will be wearing. 

With the Grand National taking place this year for the first time since 2019, we were able to get an idea on what to expect for this Punchestown Festival. Many ladies opted for the usual glamorous dresses, but there were two noticeable trends this year.

Neon Outfits

Whether the sun is out or not, the women of the races will be bright enough with an expectation of neon outfits to run the show this year. From neon greens, yellows and pinks, we expect these colours in blazers, dresses and pants.

Power suits

Hang the dresses up and put on a suit. Blazers and pants are trending for all events in 2022, so there is no doubt that power suits will be set to make a statement at this year’s races. From arctic blue to bumblebee yellow, ladies are pairing them perfectly with head wear and stylish heels. 

With the weather being as unpredictable as it is, the perfect coat is a must for this year’s racing. With overall fashion trends proving trench coats to be back in style and both fitted and over-sized blazers becoming popular. If there’s any advice, we have for you this Punchestown Festival, it is to wrap up and bring a spare pair of shoes.

Men’s Fashion

Let’s not forget about men’s fashion this year. 

While men have it slightly easier on the fashion side of the races, there are some high expectations for men this year to pick the most stylish suit and unique tie. 

We are noticing men brightening up their suits with a unique patterned tie and pocket square along with funky designed socks that peak out at the bottom. 

While it is expected for the traditional tweed dark suit to be present at this year’s races, we also anticipate bright blue and navy checked suits along with a crisp white shirt and bright neon ties and pocket squares to match the ladies.

While we are excited for the excitement of the racing, we can’t lie that we are looking forward to analysing the fashion at this year’s festivities. 


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