Golden September: A Monthlong Celebration of Honey

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National Honey Month is a celebratory and promotional event that is held annually during the month of September.

The journey of getting a jar of honey onto your kitchen counter is quite extensive and it all starts with the honey bee. Whether working in the hive or flying about, foraging for nectar in the fields, honey bees play an integral part in not only honey production, but agriculture as a whole. Our honey bees are a critical component of the ecosystem, performing the vital function of pollination. This task is vital for the fertilization of plants and the cultivation of vegetables and fruits. To put it plainly: Without bees, we wouldn’t have food, let alone delicious honey.

Did you know these fun facts about bees and honey?

  • One worker honey bee produces around 1/12 teaspoon in its lifetime! That means more than 20 thousand bees are needed to make just one jar of honey.
  • Honey never actually spoils. It is completely self-preserving; it may get granulated but that is an easy fix. Just heat the honey and it will return to normal.
  • The queen can live up to five years. She is busiest in the summer months, when she can lay up to 2,500 eggs a day

    We felt it was important to celebrate the Month of Honey to properly show our thanks for keeping our stunning gardens in bloom. Tocelebrate Honey Month in our own little way we created our very own cocktail and dessert where Honey is the feature ingredient!

bees and knees cocktailOur "Bees & Knees" Cocktaillife of a bee dessert

A refreshing cocktail that is sure to wake you up! The honey compliments the gin and freshly squeezed lemon juice to create the perfectly sweet and zingy cocktail. 

 "The Life of a Bee" Dessert

A dessert that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. The base of this delicate dessert is a honey cinnamon baked cheesecake accompanied by honeycomb white   chocolate, cinnamon gelato & warm wildflower honey syrup.


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