Saint Patrick and his Killashee Connection

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Saint Patrick & The Killashee Connection

The team here at Killashee are always so excited about the Feast of Saint Patrick and celebrating the Patron Saint on the 17th March. It’s not just for the extra day off, all the different beautiful shades of green or the wonderful array of local parades, but it’s for the significant connection that Killashee has with the patron Saint.

The site on which Killashee lies has very close ties with Saint Auxilius. Saint Auxilius is a nephew of Saint Patrick and the son of Restitutus the Lombard & Liemania, who was the sister of St. Patrick. What a family tree!

Auxilius from all accounts in history was very important in the early Irish Christian church. There is reference to a Synod of Bishops being held in 448, headed up by Patrick, Auxilius & Isserninus. Both the annals of Innisfallen & Clonmacnoise give 458 A.D. as the date when this famous cleric died. The foundation would seem to have thrived, even after Auxilius’ death, and the names of two further early Abbots of Killashee are known from the annals. The foundation became subject to the depredations of Viking marauders and there is an account of its destruction in 824 and indeed, again in 1035. 

Sadly, all that remains here on the site, is a shell of the building that was the church, round tower & a surrounding ancient graveyard. Nearby the ‘Holy Well’ dedicated to St. Patrick is located. On St. Patrick’s Day, maintaining an ancient line of tradition of religious worship at Killashee, the Holy Well is still visited by parishioners of the Two-Mile House Parish. Traditionally a group of 30-40 parishioners walk to The Holy Well. This walk is maintained, pruned & preened by our wonderful Estate Manager Tom, who has been with us for over 15 years. 

Saint Patrick’s Day has many different meanings for many different people. It is a day in which we can be proud of our Irish heritage. Whether for cultural or religious reasons, it's a great day to celebrate the saint and the rich history he left behind.

Come and explore Killashee this March and embrace the magic of St. Patrick. Our wonderful history can be enriched with walks around the grounds, followed by a delicious meal in the Oak & Anvil or The Pippin Tree.

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