The Upcoming Autumn/Winter Wedding Trends of 2023

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The summer wedding season here at Killashee has been a busy yet rewarding one. As the summer ends and the air turns crisp, the leaves transform into the palette of the warm & vivid colours of autumn. We have picked out five key trends for autumn/winter 2023 weddings to perhaps give you a little inspiration and insights into the upcoming seasons. 


1. Luxurious Fabrics and Layers of Texture

Deluxe fabrics, captivating both to the sight and the touch such as velvet and satin will take centre stage. The intricate folds, drapes, and layers in these fabrics give an undeniable chic elegance.


2. Dress Styles: Elegant & Timeless

The dress style of the season is heavily based on romantic, timeless silhouettes. Bows have made a reappearance to the wedding scene, delicately infusing a small touch of elegance without being overpowering. Emphasis on the sleeves is another notable detail. From 80’s inspired puffed sleeves to sheer and simple, there will be a presence of both dramatic and subtle styles. We have seen ruffles make a huge return this year in the fashion industry and this extends to wedding dresses with ruffles adding some drama and flair.


3. Breaking Bridesmaid Dress Uniformity

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses have increased in popularity. This is the perfect opportunity to let each bridesmaid show off their individuality while also creating a striking picture opportunity. Varying styles and complimentary colours create a harmonious visual that is sure to catch your guest’s attention.


4. Cherishing Intimacy

Small and intimate weddings allow the couples to share their special day with the most cherished people in their lives. This approach creates a warm and personal atmosphere. Our Original House is a dreamy venue, steeped in history that serves as the perfect backdrop.


5. Colours of the Season

Colours with depth, warmth, and the feeling of indulgence are big for the autumn/winter seasons.

The autumn colour palette is warm and comforting inspired by the wonderful foliage. Consider incorporating mustards, burnt oranges, burgundies and dusty rose/pinks - mirroring the season’s cozy ambiance.

The deeper, rich colours such as navy, emerald green, gold, maroons and even black compliment the cooler undertones of the winter season. Icy blues, whites, and silver are also a classic choice.


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