Winter Wedding Trends with Killashee

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Winter Wedding Trends with Killashee 

Winter is such a magical time to get married-Think cosy fireplaces, rich colour palettes and homey interiors. Let’s not forget all the festive decorations during this time of Year adding a truly special touch to any winter wedding!

You want to make sure your wedding venue glows at night. Killashee is just as beautiful in the dark winter nights as it is in the brighter summer evenings, with the lit up driveway, shimmering chandeliers, fairy lights and countless old fireplaces.

Take a step back in time with Killashee’s ‘Snug Pub’ for your day 2 celebrations- This is a fantastic traditional Irish pub, as the name suggests its warm, cosy and intimate. Sit by the blazing fire, with a pint of Guinness, a neat whiskey or enjoy a hot port and admire the many antiques and memorabilia from by gone days.

Killashee really is the ‘Picture Perfect’ winter wedding venue

Let’s look at some Trends for your winter wedding.


It might sound like an obvious one - but plan for the wet and cold evenings of winter, winter-proof your day, have umbrellas at the ready and for getting you from A to B, stay warm and don’t let the rain or cold get in the way of your big day!


Colour palettes

The most beautiful thing about a Winter wedding is the deep colour palette’s- rich burgundy, emerald green and classic navy blue are all colours which look great. If you’re not too much into a colour think pale grey to create your winter colour pallet! Introduce your colour palette into the flowers, bridesmaids dresses and décor.


Blankets & shawls

Shawls or fur add a great glamourous winter feel to you on your big day and not to mention, helps you keep warm! Don’t stop at you, extend the fur or shawls to the bridesmaids on the day. You can even look at a classic glove. How about baskets of blankets for your guests for the church or smoking areas with a cute sign: ‘To have and to hold, in case you get cold’ -These are the little touches throughout the day which makes it all one big spectacular wedding!


Drinks & Food

For the drinks reception consider a hot beverage - festive mulled wine, tea or coffee or a port warm up your guests before the feast! Always go with Soup rather than salad with a winter wedding theme menu.



There are so many cute winter favour ideas - how do you ever choose?

Think things that are sweet to eat, hot to drink, cosy to stay warm or to add sparkle.

We’ve listed our favourite ideas here:


Swap the flip-flops for slippers or fluffy socks -‘Nobody’s Getting Cold Feet’

Personalised hot chocolate mixes with mini marshmallows, ‘Let our Love Warm your hearts’

Personalised packet of S’mores – ‘There’s always room for S’more Love’

Naughty or Nice Treats - Here fill a bag with Naughty Chocolate Coal or Nice Candy Canes

Wedding Baubles- A take home a personalised Christmas bauble

Sparklers - ‘Let Love Sparkle’


Winter wonderland Theme

Small things can make a big difference. Fairy Lights, table arrangements and uplighters & already you are there! Killashee’s standard floral arrangements in the winter season is Tall vases with Neutral colour flowers, greenery and festive twigs, Our uplighters come with all wedding packages and these set to a cool blue is the perfect winter wedding feel, we don’t stop there we have tea lights and fairy lights all jotted around to venue to create that warm winter wedding vibe. Use the venues Christmas decorations to your advantage here- Killashee have many Christmas trees & garlands throughout.



On the day - Plan the times right so you can get some day and night shots.

Night time photos can be truly spectacular and most summer wedding’s don’t get this opportunity.

Here you can put your ‘Sparklers Favours’ to good use and get a group photo.

Don’t worry if its rain we have seen truly fabulous shots of Brides and Grooms under an umbrella, embracing the rain!


As we just learned the winter wedding theme is created with deep colour palettes, the right venue, cosy venues and warm food and beverage to match.


Happy Wedding Planning!


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