Top 5 Wedding Trends 2022

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With wedding celebrations back in full swing, couples are looking to create a day that is personal and creative. Let’s take a look into what is expected to be the Wedding Trends of 2022.


One trend we have noticed lately is the desire for couples to have weekday weddings. As a result of covid there is less availability on weekends due to a backlog in weddings. We have found a lot of couples are opting for a mid-week wedding. The benefits of midweek weddings are cheaper rates and the venue being less busy. The disadvantages to midweek weddings are that it can be an inconvenience to guests attending.


Our 2022 couples are definitely more eco-friendly than ever before. One major trend we have noticed is couples using virtual save the dates and invitations. We have also seen a lot of couples choose vintage or second-hand wedding dresses as well as upcycling materials to use as part of the décor. Another excellent idea we have noticed is couples repurposing items from the wedding, once the wedding is over. One trending example we have noticed is bouquet preservation. From flower pressing to preserving in epoxy resin or dipping in wax, couples are getting creative in ways to preserve their bouquets. 


How you light your wedding sets the whole mood for the moment. A lot of couples are choosing fairy lights to create a magical and fairy-tale setting on their wedding day. Fairy lights are a simple lighting choice and allow for couples to get creative. By placing them in jars and lanterns it allows for an intimate and dreamy atmosphere. They also help to create a picture-perfect moment. Couples are putting a spotlight on their wedding cakes as cake arches and frames seem to be on the rising. Previous trends have shown cake tables with simple designs like white cloth and lace. However, in 2022 wedding couples are getting creative with cake arches and frames. 


Due to the success of Netflix’ Bridgerton, the regency era has sneaked its way into weddings and is becoming an increasingly popular theme. Couples are achieving this through subtle hints of regency blue and literary inspired décor. Handwritten notes and colourful pastel palettes along with afternoon tea china and floral décor, are some of the unique ways couples are creating regency themed weddings. We have also noticed brides choosing wedding dresses with puff sleeves and elbow length gloves.


The colour trends for this year are predicted to be bright colours like vibrant pinks and purples, pastel yellow, olive green and Atlantic blue. Where do we expect to see these bright and bold colours? Flower bouquets are predicted to be brighter along with general wedding décor and bridesmaid dresses.

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