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The Cobain family have opened an exhibition of personal artefacts belonging to the legend Kurt Cobain, at Ireland’s Museum of Style Icons, one of the world’s leading pop culture museums in Newbridge Silverware.

Kurt Cobain’s mother, sisters and daughter will bring to Ireland, never before exhibited, personal artefacts belonging to the legendary rock star. The Cobain family will be meeting international and national press on the 17th and 18th July from 11am, as part of the opening event and the exhibition will continue through to 30th September 2018.

Cobain’s Irish roots are well known. He believed that his family originated in County Cork but in fact his Irish ancestors emigrated from Carrickmore, County Tyrone, in 1875.

Cobain’s family has specially curated some of his very personal items for this once in a lifetime commemoration. The Museum of Style Icons will house Kurt’s drawings and sketches along with clothing, hand-written lyrics and the only known car Kurt owned during his life, a powder blue 1965 Dodge Dart.

Kurt Donald Cobain (February 20, 1967 – April 5, 1994) was an American singer, songwriter, and musician. Born in Aberdeen Washington, Cobain formed the band Nirvana with Krist Novoselic and Aaron Burckhard in 1987 and established it as part of the Seattle music scene which later became known as ‘Grunge’. Nirvana's debut album Bleach was released on the independent record label SubPop in 1989.

Nirvana found breakthrough success with ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ from their second album ‘Nevermind’ in 1991. Following that success, Nirvana was labelled "the flagship band" of Generation X, and Cobain hailed as "the spokesman of a generation". Cobain, however, was uncomfortable with the label, believing his message and artistic vision had been misinterpreted by the public, with his personal problems often subject to media attention.

Kurt’s sister, Kim Cobain, concludes: "With this exhibition we hope to bring the focus back to his roots, vision, and artistic genius to inspire everyone not to lose their creativity and childlike wonder."

After the Exhibition ends at The Museum of Style Icons on September 30 in Newbridge, Ireland, it will continue at The Museo de la Moda in Santiago Chile.

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