The Snug

‘The Snug’ is our very own traditional Irish pub here at Killashee Hotel. It’s steeped in character and absolutely reminiscent of a bygone age, when life was lived at a slower pace and the storytellers were the heroes! Try a pint of expertly poured Guinness, superb single malt whiskey or succumb to the warm embrace of a delicious Hot Port. Come on in, pull up a chair, toast your toes in front of the fire and we’ll look after the rest.  

We have five open fires in this unique destination pub and it is ideal for all international delegates and events with some live trad music and a friendly Irish smile. 

The Snug only opens for private events and can be booked through the sales team. For further information or to book the snug as part of your event please contact or 045 879277.

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