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CI Level 4 (UK) Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching Practitioner (VRQ) 

Jenea Sarmaniuc has been working in Killashee for the past twelve years.

  • I have over twenty five years’ experience, most of which were as a professional sports person.
  • Higher Certificate Exercise and Health Fitness. University of Limerick
  • Strength & Conditioning. University of Limerick
  • NLC Certified Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach. Institute of Health Sciences
  • Qualified Personal Trainer N.C.E.F. University of Limerick
  • Qualified Instructor N.C.E.F. University of Limerick

My nutrition and lifestyle coaching service offers:

Nutrition and lifestyle coaching focuses primarily on personalised nutrition with the additional support of lifestyle and nutraceutical (supplements) elements to address/prevent the key contributors to lifestyle diseases.

NLC practitioners also give clients more than just information.  They are an ally who can present the client with an opportunity to look at their wellness from a broader perspective. 

Inspire clients towards a long-term healthier diet and lifestyle using scientific knowledge and practical skills from meal planning to coaching to help them achieve their health goal.

Optimising people’s health through the diet, lifestyle and supplements if required with a view to supporting the functioning of the different systems of the human body.


What to expect before and during a consultation

One-to-one nutritional consultations at my clinic in Killashee.

The first session lasts about an hour.  Any follow up sessions last between 45 minutes and an hour.

Longer consultations are possible on a pro rata basis.

Before the initial consultation: 

You will be asked to fill out a health questionnaire and a 3 day food diary and you will need to return these in advance of your first consultation.

Completing these gives a clear idea of your stress levels, workload, digestion, potential nutrient deficiencies, physical activity levels and food preferences.

This saves time during the consultation, keeping it affordable, allowing you to get the best value out of your face-time with Jenea.


During a consultation:

Individually tailored programmes to enhance your skin or digestive wellbeing. You will get dietary and lifestyle analysis and a detailed case history will be taken. This will form the basis for designing your personalised programme, adjusted to fit in with your work, life or family commitments.

Taking into account your likes and dislikes, cooking ability, time and financial constraints we will together negotiate a realistic, “do-able” strategy aimed at supporting your body’s own natural healing ability.

Usually this is phased, with the client judging how much is realistic for them to successfully change over a 3-4 week period. It is important that you are up-front about what you feel is realistic for you to do.

At the end of the consultation, you will be provided with a written programme and possibly meal or snack ideas, easy-to-do recipes or product/shopping ideas.  Some background information sheets or suggestions as to further reading (should you have an interest) may also be given.


Further Information & Bookings:

For more information and to book a consultation please contact Jenea directly on: 0851485062

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