Fitness Programmes

  • Faster and better results
  • Having a personalised programme will guide you through your fitness routine and will help make sure you are spending time on the proper types of exercise
  • Proper fat loss and muscle gain
  • Reduced chance of injury
  • Establishes a lifetime exercise habit
  • Overcome plateaus
  • Tailor a programme uniquely to your needs
  • Keep you motivated with interactive feedback between you and your instructor
  • Hold you accountable and set realistic and achievable goals
  • Get maximum benefit of the entire gym suite available to you in Killashee

Imagine if we could record ourselves, our team or our customers performing exercises. If we could explain the range of movement of the exercise and how to execute it effectively and safely. Even better, how convenient would it be if you could access it anytime and anywhere via a mobile app? Well, now you we can – with PRESCRIBE app, part of the Technogym mywellness professional business solutions now available in Killashee Leisure Club.

  • A training programme is always at your fingertips – via the mywellness app, UNITY consoles on our equipment and
  • Gain a better understanding of how to safely and effectively perform certain exercises
  • Train anywhere, anytime: Taking your programme with you even when you’re travelling
  • Understand results, training effectiveness and better understand your body composition



STEP 1: Your instructor will meet you at our club reception at the allotted time and bring you to our assessment area.

STEP 2: We will take your baseline measurements of height, weight, BMI and body fat percentages and measure your blood pressure and discuss your exercise / injury history via a health questionnaire.

STEP 3: We’ll download your mywellness app to your smart phone or tablet device and pair your account to Killashee Leisure Club, allowing you to seamlessly book our free fitness classes and more importantly allowing your instructor assign themselves to you and send your personalised training programme directly to your device.

STEP 4: We’ll supply a heart rate monitor and bring you to the gym floor for a sub max test to gauge your fitness levels, this data automatically transfers to your account so your mywellness account will start to gauge a picture of your fitness levels immediately.

STEP 5: On that same day or on a rebooked date your instructor will bring you through your programme on the gym floor to ensure you are comfortable with all exercises assigned and answer any queries you may have. Bonus: The mywellness app will show you recorded videos of each exercise on your plan so if you forget an exercise you can refer to the videos at any-stage for real-time assistance.

STEP 6: Follow your programme and mark off your exercises as complete. If your programme allows for progression, it will automatically suggest changes as you progress and remember you can message your instructor and vice versa from your app with any feedback or additional assistance if required.

STEP 7: We recommend that after 6-8 weeks you book in for a new programme and gauge your progress to date and look forward to your next challenging workout by our fitness team.

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